5 Things to Watch Out For When Choosing a Printing Company for Your Artwork

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You now have an artwork. Either you have designed it over the days and with patience on your own, or you have employed a very talented designer to create the most eye-catching piece for you. Whether you are a freelance artist, the head of marketing in a firm, or someone in need of new and modern business cards, choosing a good printing company is a tricky decision. There is a large and competitive market for printers, beginning with the more powerful but careless companies to the local, smaller, family-run shops. Bigger is not always better, and there is still a lot to consider when choosing one for your artwork. Here are 5 things to look out for when finally bringing your new design to life.


1-3. The Holy Trinity of Quality: Material, Colors and Finishing

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Quality is without a doubt the most important factor when it comes to art. The time and money spent on the artwork requires the best quality possible to bring the design on the screen to the paper. However, it is important to watch out for the three different factors of quality in printing: first, check the material, then, examine the colors, and finally, make sure of the finishing touches.

Material: Although most printing companies give you a choice in the material, it is still possible that by using cheaper material, your final work will not be desirable. To make sure, always ask for samples.

Colors: The colors are a bit trickier than the material. Unless you are an expert in colors and color theory, you might be fooled into thinking low-quality ink is your best choice. Always make sure to check the saturation of the colors, the brightness of the white tones and the darkness of the black tones. The more nuance and contrast in their samples, the better their ink and therefore, the better your chance at getting the quality your artwork deserves.

Finishing: Finally, when looking at samples, or your finished work, check the finishing touches. An important part of this is cropping. Since there is a chance your work has been cut on the edges or all around, make sure it is cut right and that your artwork is where it should be (e.g. center of the page). Also, make sure to check the final work for traces of subtle lines or dust that show the printer has issues.


4. Turnaround Time

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One of the biggest obstacles in running a printing company is delivering quickly to those who order for the next day. Customers often believe it is possible for them to order at the last minute and for the printing company to finish the work quickly. But, although customers should allow a few business days for their work to be done, they also should avoid companies that repeatedly delay their delivery. Many of the larger companies who have acquired a following deliver the work from a week to a month later than the date promised (this is especially true with online printing companies, so be wary). When choosing a company, make sure of the turnaround time, which is the number of days they guarantee to finish your work. We promise, you do not want your upcoming event to come and go while your roll up banner is still "being printed".


5. Last But Not Least: Pricing

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Yes, your budget is important. It is very, very important. But remember, if one company offers prices that are much lower than the competitive market, there is something wrong. The prices are important, but no one should sacrifice quality for a lower price. Try to avoid the extremes: too cheap and you will get lower quality, too pricey and you have been ripped off. Most printing companies fall in between those two. Make sure to choose a company that keeps their prices public so that you can be sure they will not be able to change it later on. Compare prices, and choose the one that seems most reasonable.

Here at Persis Print, not only are our prices affordable and we offer all our prices publicly on the website for all to see and compare, we also offer a different range of high quality materials and printing techniques that will leave you with a price your budget will be happy with.


Final Thoughts...

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There are many companies available for your artwork and printing out there. Read the reviews, do the research, and question around to find one worthy of your work.

Persis Print offers 2-3 day turnaround printing with affordable prices and high quality. Our office is located in our workshop, and in that way you can be sure that your work will not be outsourced, but printed here, by us, guaranteeing the quality you deserve. Click to see our price list, and give us a call or email us for a free and quick quote.

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