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Artwork Guidelines

At Persis Print we want to ensure you are happy with your order, and that means submitting the best artwork. Make sure to read the guide below if you are not familiar with print grade designing, or simply need a quick reminder. As always, if there are any questions, reach out to us at


1) For best quality of print, submit your file in one of the following formats:

  • PDF (Recommended)


  • AI


Other formats that are accepted but may result in lower quality of print include:


  • PNG

  • GIF


  • PPT


2) Unlike designing for web, printing works best with CMYK colour mode. Make sure to convert your files into CMYK beforehand. Submission of RGB colour modes may result in a different colour scheme than one visible on your screen.

Remember that due to different monitor settings, colours are not always 100% identical to what you see on your screen. If colour accuracy is essential to your work, please ask for a sample print. 


3) The ideal resolution for print is 300dpi. Anything lower may result in low quality prints. For very large files, or if your computer cannot process 300dpi, the lowest you should go is 150dpi.


4) Make sure that your artwork has a bleed of 0.125” included. Bleed ensures that there is a safety margin for printing and cutting purposes, and that no essential text or design is cut off in the process.

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